New Dim Sum in Korat

At the Mayfair market, near Fat Boy Tavern

Location : (It really just opened, do not care about the reviews and pictures yet. I think they are unfair. I liked it).

Today, I had Dim Sum at Cha Kafair. The main branch is in front of Suranaree Witthaya, in the old city, but they just opened a new place that is perfect for lunch. It’s just beside the food trucks at Mayfair market (Condo link or near Fat Boy Tavern).

You might have tried the Dim Sum near Leosor Hotel, same side as Monkey Bar. Or at Sima Thani. But I did enjoyed these while being at reasonable price (30 baht per dish). Dim Sum were also before available at Terminal 21, Tim Ho Han (1 star Michelin) but that fabulous restaurant closed. Kantary also has some but Covid changed many things in Korat.

Example of their Dim Sum.

A new Ramen place also opened near that Dim Sum. Lots of new interesting things in this area. 8 Dinning is doing lunches with street food too at low cost.

The other restaurant beside (seems Chinese too) had that menu but I didn’t try yet.

That is the Ramen place beside:

Ramen place beside

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