king Cobra Village Thailand-Ban Khok Sa-nga


King Cobra Village

The King Cobra village is about 30-40 km from Khon Kaen. The real name of the village is Ban Khok Sa-Nga. It is a whole village that has turned into tourism around snakes and especially cobras.



They have shows every day and accept donations. You will see also some snakes or reptiles in cages, but the main attraction is the snake show. Do not expect something fantastic, but it does worth the trip if you are around.



And these cobras are dangerous. One of these men died in 2012 and there is an article in Thai about it here:

We actually visited the place just before that man died and I remember seeing him. You will see more of our picture on Flickr, here:

Not very far, maybe 5 Km away, there is a nice resort called Castle How Chow. The owner is Australian. He has peacocks on the land and one of the most fabulous swimming pool in Isaan. Very enjoyable if you are in family with kids.

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