Khao Chan Ngam Cave and temple in Korat

 Khao Chan Ngam Cave and temple


You will find this temple and cave in at Ban Loet Sawat, near Sikhiu, about 45km from Korat. It’s not easy to locate from Mittrapab (Road 2). You will see that inscription near kilometer 200-2001. Then, you must do about 3 kilometers to reach the temple.

 The temple is known for its rock paintings found in 1938. They are located near a cave. The temple offers free parking and free admission. They made a concrete road around 2011 and it is easier to reach the paintings. You will also find some buddha statues in that area.

The temple is in the forest. A new golf development called Mountain creek is under construction just beside. There isn’t much to see except the paintings but if you wish, you can walk in the forest. It’s written at the entrance to take your hat (cap) off, not to smoke and to follow other rules.


This is the small cave. The old drawings can’t be seen on that picture.

They are located on the upper left, about 5 meters up.

Here are the prehistoric rock paintings (pictograph) dated about 3,000 to 4,000 years old.

The pictures show men, women and children with bows, arrows and dogs. It reflects the day to day life, like hunting and dancing, painted in a red coarse paint. It is believed to have been done by an agrarian community living in that area 3,000 to 4,000 years ago.

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