James' Burger Place Korat – Nakhon Ratchasima – Snack bar

James’ Snack Bar and Burger Place in Korat

Open from 4pm to 10pm. Closed on Sunday.

I met James many years ago in Korat (about 2005-2006). He is a Thai man who can speak English fluently.  I was introduced to him by some friends who liked to eat his burgers… At that time, he had a restaurant in a shop, while selling fish and perfumes at the same time! That was unique! Now, he just opened a new “snack bar” and I believe everyone should encourage him. Why? Because James is nice, he works hard and has a family, and he sells good food for very cheap prices.

This is a small place and James is not trying to sell food to foreigners. He makes burgers that are more Thai style. Proof is that the menu is only in Thai. He now also serves Pizza and many others.  James often works 2 shops beside and if he sees you, he might come to talk to you. Very friendly chap.

To give you an example, this pork burger is 30 baht and you pay an extra 10 baht for cheese. Yes, this cheeseburger is 40 baht! That is cheap! And I personally prefer that to 7-eleven… if you know what I mean!

Some Pizza, I haven’t tried yet.

Pork, beef, chicken burgers and others.

Onion rings. Nothing special but good. About 55 baht? I can’t remember.

The is the location, near “Pratu Phee” (Ghost Gate) or the Provincial Court:

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