I started a YouTube channel called @CryptoTrips

(written around December 2022) by Sebastien H. Brousseau.

Trekking in Nepal. That’s what I wanted to do when I first left Thailand in October 2022. Maybe I lived too long in Isaan. I felt like I needed some fresh air. I spent 3 months in Nepal and I really enjoyed the country, especially Pokhara.

I will make some videos to share with you my experience as expats in other places of the world.

here’s my channel explanation about my Trekking in Mardi Himal. This is located in front of the Fish Tai Mountain and you can see the Annapurna, super big, at high camp. I will never forget that few days;.

and here’s the first episode about trekking in Nepal. Another video EP0, explain the concept I want to do.

Enjoy. #Annapurna #MardiHimal #MardiHimaltrek, #TrekkinginNepal, #Cryptotrips

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