George and Dragon, Korat.

George and Dragon Pub (closed)

THIS PLACE IS NOW CLOSED,UNFORTUNATELY. Monkey Bar is now one of the most popular bar with expats with the Sports River Bar in Joho.

Korat’s Western Landmark

For more than 12 years the George & Dragon Pub has been in business, serving as the standard-bearer for Western style pubs and eateries in Korat. While the ownership and staff may have changed over the years, the main idea has remained the same. A standard English-style pub.

Pool Table, owner is a nice guy, cold beer. Good Food.

Located in what is arguably the center of Korat, the George & Dragon offers what any decent English pub offers; pies, pasties, breakfast, bangers and mash, and fish n’ chips. An open-air front, a bar with stools, a pool table, and some tables and chairs, the George & Dragon looks out onto a bustling intersection. It’s not a noisy pub, no live music, no late night dance parties. Rather it is a peaceful pub where you can get quality Western dishes, enjoy a few pints, read the paper, and have a friendly round of pool. The George & Dragon is exactly what any good pub should be; a relaxing refuge from the daily rat-race.

Take a seat at a table or grab a stool at the bar, order up some food, and just relax. You’re in The George. The number one item on their menu is Fish n’ Chips, complete with malt vinegar and Worcestershire sauce. It’s an English pub, and their fish n’ chips are superb. They have a variety of pies; steak and kidney, chicken and mushroom, Sheppard and Fishermans. As well as burgers, toasted sandwiches, and of course steaks and English Breakfast. The brown gravy at the George & Dragon is fantastic, and we recommend whatever you order should be a dish that includes their gravy. Their Thai food is also excellent.

Gai Pad Med Ma Muang at GD in 2018.

If you looking for a laid back place to have dinner and a few pints, or just a cup of tea and a quick lunch, the George & Dragon is, and always has been a great option. They are always open but generally their hours are 10am to midnight.

For more information check out the George & Dragon’s facebook page.

Pictures of George and Dragon around 2012-2015:

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